Servant Over Star

April 29, 2015 by Todd Fields - No Comments

To deny that in all of us there is a pull to be known and celebrated would be lying. I can remember as early as 5 singing in nursing homes for my grandmother’s friends and everyone clapped after the songs…it felt so good! From 1st to 12th grade the soccer field provided a stage be celebrated and cheered…the more goals the better! When I took up guitar and singing…it provided the same opportunity only then the stage became more visible to more people. Then came the comparison season in my 30’s where insecurity set in and I was constantly comparing myself with other worship leaders or songwriters. The problem though was that everything I was reading in scripture was pointing to a different idea than seeking stardom. In fact…the Savior I was following said things like… the least would be greatest, those who pray to be seen or heard have their reward now…that man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart. All of these ideas..and there are many more that point in this direction…are servant based ideas. It’s a direction that honestly is ridiculously freeing. What if instead of the small stage that many of us try to get on to have our moment in the sun…there is a much bigger stage that involves every moment we live…every one we come in contact with…every place we take Jesus. And what if there is an applause for each of us that is not for a moment of fleeting “known-ness” here on earth…but from our Heavenly Father who says one day “well done!”. As believers we are most alive when we serve…because it’s Christ serving through us…and when it’s Him doing it..the impact is HUGE. Know today that God sees you where you are and that there is no higher position ever to be attained than that of servant. If He chooses to make you well known in this lifetime it’s for the sole purpose of pointing others to Him. I sometimes think think that the most known in eternity will have been the least known on earth. God loves you and sees you…be faithful! The example for us all is our Servant King!