Stay In YOUR Lane!

May 4, 2015 by Todd Fields - 1 Comment

Taking our eyes off of Jesus can cause us to sink in more ways that one. I believe there is a real enemy who’s out to steal, kill and destroy. He does this in a variety of ways, but one of the most common tactics he uses to distract worship leaders from being effective is the “comparison trap”. When I think of all the moments, days and seasons I spent wasted on looking at what those around me had that I didn’t…it sometimes makes me wish I had a do-over. Fortunately…our God is a redeemer and He can use all of our misguided thoughts and intentions for His glory. I feel like my 30’s were filled with wishing I had what other leaders seamed to attain. I would get pretty down at times and I remember my wife Carrie saying something to me that I’ll never forget. One day while I was having one of my pity parties…she said, “Todd, you just need to stay in your lane.” I’ll never forget the statement and as time has gone by I’ve realized it’s even more helpful than I thought at the time. Paul says to FIX our eyes on the author and perfecter of our faith. I know in my own life, when I allow my eyes to drift into other peoples lanes to see what they have that I don’t…it’s never a good ending. There will always be someone who appears to have more than you. There will always be someone who has a larger platform, a higher charting song, more of something we think we need to be successful. But, when we fix our eyes on Jesus…we find that He created us to be uniquely us for His glory. There is only one YOU, who can run in YOUR lane to bring YOUR life and gifting for YOUR time on this earth. Be confident today in who God made YOU to be…and run hard in His direction!