Card sticking out of pocket in jeans

The Trump Card

June 12, 2014 by Todd Fields - No Comments

I like to play spades. I first learned the game in high school on a mission trip to Southern California…I know…real tough huh? If you’ve played spades you know that spades are the cards to have. You can come up with an approximate number of suits that are winnable based on how many you have. The ace of spades is the guaranteed winner of all. It’s the mac-daddy card and if you have it you know you will at least win one hand…and win big.

We will all be dealt some rough hands in this life. For some it might seem like the burden is unbearable. There are so many tough circumstances I see around me, and some I’ve experienced that are real hard to swallow…hard to explain. In those times I remember Jesus’s promise…”In this world you will have trouble, but take heart…I have overcome the world”. That’s a huge promise…”I have overcome the world”.

I’ve was beside my father’s father prior to his passing…all my grandparents are gone…this past year I prayed over a family friend who was about to transition to the reality of what is beyond these frail bodies. I’ve prayed and begged God to see things the way I wanted them to happen and sometimes it seems like He’s not hearing me. However, we win because Christ won. Christ’s victory over death is the game changer for us all. We have a hope…and not just a so so hope. We have the love of the King of the Universe demonstrated for us by taking our punishment and dealing death it’s final blow. That’s massive!

Regardless of what you may be facing today…or what unexpected news or curve ball we receive this week or the next…remember. We have the “Ace of Spades” in our pocket…we win because He won!